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>> this cleanup has been unbelievable. you are looking at this car that is covered in mud. it is concerned that the rainfall..., one of the reasons is that the cleanup efforts will continue. once the sun comes up tomorrow. they will be putting it drying agents out like hay... the mud does not spill back out into the streets. j. r. stone, kron 4 news >> you saw that will tran was on that file footage. he actually took this image.
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this mixture of mud, still getting worse at this point. with all of that in the streets. by daybreak it was nearly when kneecap deep. and even this large pickup truck was nearly up to its bumper. smaller cars, like its volkswagen. had at the wheel's entirely buried. unbelievable. and the water caused this canyon to form a break in the hillside. that is where the water rushed down is amazing that some of these homes were not damaged. however, there were some tall orders. with old- fashioned elbow grease. it was used by early evening. and a lot of progress but still a long way to go. >> our cleanup coverage continues at 8:30 we will
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take a look at our work at how cleanup crews get the cars out of the mud. >> this porn staying with the local, state, federal agencies issued six search warrants and track the suspects down on this child internet porn. >> this is naples. street, where 25 year-old alexis ifwang and higher ma fan these n were all arrested tuesday for possession of child pornography. a felony. they identified this through on- line chat rooms. they say they were sharing videos and photos. the officer is explaining how the offer these men were located. but
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it is. similar to catching a jar of predator. once we identified with the perpetrators were we issued a search warrant through their internet address. and then were able to find other location. if >> there were two other suspects still at large but they say they are gathering additional evidence before the men are arrested. this to child porn sting operation including 100 officers and 23 local state and federal law enforcement agencies. san francisco placed aboard this is more akin operations like this will be conducted very soon. reggie kumar, kron 4 news toured the more-sting operations like this will be operated. >> this was a terrible scene when this woman was abducted. it was last week when we told you that it all started in this parking lot in walnut creek. the
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victim, 87 year-old woman was bound and gagged this-57 year-old woman.... they have released surveillance video. and also what could be the suspect's name. >> take a close look at this video that was released by the walnut creek police department. this is our greenland's video that the video came from one of the atm machines. as they drove around town using her atm code. the other suspect sat in the back seat and the the seven year-old victim was bound and gagged. he was not detected you was sitting with the-57 year-old. there is a prescription but there were both seemingly in their 20s. police to have a lead on their identity. >> the have gon by the
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named david and aubrey. but we do not know if that is correct.. or acuarate.. >> this new development has been released. they did not know the suspects but the suspects have plant this attacks, carefully >> we are still operating under the assumption that this was random. there is nothing that leads us to believe that she was targeted. on the other hand, there were some degree of pre-meditation based on how the victim was bound and gagged. and some of the masses that the suspects used to cover up their tracks. >> in walnut creek, kron 4 news. >> this strange and developing story silicon valley pioneer and a murder suspect john mcafee is still on the loose. we spoke with
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wired magazine and he has escaped.... capture while burying himself in the sand under a cardboard box. >> this millionaire spoke to them fired magazine. >> i am hold held up i've never held this or felt this before. >> he is wanted for a fellow expatriate he says that he is not guilty and he could have been the intended victim. >> the first thing i thought about was oh my gosh! if he is a wanted man. he is going to off me and mcafee fears being tortured into making a false confession if he is captured. a spokesman saying that it is being evidence of his paranoia. >> we've believe that we
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follow the law and we believe that this has absolutely no merit to mcafee told the wire reporter that he believes the government wants to kill them. and he has criticized that country's prime minister for civil rights infringements. >> this 82 year-old san francisco man has been missing for one week. and he has been missing since november 6th. two days after he was seen leaving his home in the bay district to go for and a morning walk. he was wearing a baseball cap and slippers. they say that he is hard of hearing. off his name isfifth test... his name ais hong xin li.... missing on november
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6th. >> we are seeing some 50s and 60s with 70's possibly for tomorrow. first, we will seek a bit of a qualified off for fairfield and a bit of a cool off. however widespread 40's with mostly clear skies. and tomorrow it will stay in the clear. temperatures will be even more meridian today with 70's. big changes cooler on wednesday with the rental returning on friday. how long that will last with rainfall of returning on friday. >> this growing scandal at the pentagon that already has brought down the director of the cia. and why inappropriate sexual allegations were dropped against the man behind the voice of elmo.
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amonit is not just about david pretorius anymore. there are stunning new details and the scandal that brought down the cia director. now another u.s. general has been caught in this tangled web. it is a mass that has been evolving to generals, and to unmarried women. catherine heenan has more. >> this whistleblower, the pretorius family friend is chill kelly she told the fbi acquaintance that paula was
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sending a jealous e-mails to " stay away " and-jill kelly. and he is being investigated for allegedly investigating and sending a flirtatious e-mails. >> not only embarrassing it was just 48 hours away from being confirmed as the key military commander in europe. >> at the request the pressed president has been put on the... emanationnominati this married socialite in tampa has to in seen
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flirting. >> monday night, fbi agents were removing property from her north carolina home. including computer equipment. clearly they're still looking for information one of the information is that she heard this on television and senator dianne feinstein. >> it is rather shocking to find out candidly that we were not briefed and we find out from the frost in the way in which we did. with no heads up or opportunity to ask questions were put together any information. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> the man who has accused elmo of having sex with him when he was a teenager saying that it is not so. the man has not been
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identified is taking back his accusations. he said that the sexual relation was in fact a consensual. and clashed has now been relieved of this painful allegation has been put to rest. the oakland police department is investigating a late night robbery at the oakland museum. according to the staff, the midnight staff with one or two people broke into the museum was closed at the time. >> several artifacts of value were taken from cases very quickly. luckily for all of these were working. >> this security guard alerted the police department and the officers responded within minutes. >> the burglars to get away. >> the museum director's thing that this has left a
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very sad and shaken and distressed community. >> it is very upsetting that this is for the public's benefit. >> the oakland police department has said that they made an arrest it is not clear if the stolen items have been located. or if they're looking for additional suspects. this art museum is focused entirely on california history. she hopes of the stolen items will be recovered. >> these represent our cultural heritage regardless of the value they are important for the store that would tell in california history. no matter what the value of our come up there all important and we take that responsibility, seriously. in oakland, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> with a pretty decent day with temperatures in the '70s. and under mostly sunny skies but we will increase clouds with the sea breezes
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kicking back in. kicking back rainfall, shower activity but heavy rainfall expected for the weekend. the satellite and radar showing the cloud coverage over the north bay is starting to lift to the north. some lingering clouds but it looks like we will see mostly clear skies overnight. this band towards northern california towards your regattyou recall ricoeureka but we could even see 30's. into the afternoon temperatures are quickly getting into the 60s. a mixture of '60s and '70s for the morning lows. many 40's to start. for the inland valleys. vallejo, and 39 degrees in san rafael. and 44 and san jose. with low
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70's expected in the inland valleys will see 70's and concord. '70s in pleasanton, livermore and in the south bay... redwood city and 70's in napa and santa rosa. a look a your extended forecast. warmer but thursday, with saturday mostly some shower activity but it does look like heavy rain could be pressing in on a sunday. possibly even on monday. that could stay to the north of us. we will look forward to the wet weather in early next week. as we go towards thursday. >> coming up the oakland a's honor bob melvin..
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our >> if you have any doubt on how huge a video game
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franchises have become. take a look. call of duty video game has received amazing does. >> just a heads up. and even if you have a gamer on your h thanksoliday list.. this place on the x box 360 id is expected to break sales records. >> people are probably tired of this and nobody does however because it always ends up selling out. lines after midnight and it always breaking records it is a big deal. we're expecting a lot of sales. >> this person has been following the game franchise and this will not disappoint. it is worth $60. >> it is a safe bet it is
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like mad in football. you know that it is going to be a good safe set.. like madden football you are getting a lot of value, with a lot of pliability, and potential hours. >> and pliability. there is a military action packed pliability with a law.. people. play at once and these different scenarios where it is exciting. with the threat of world war and they make it really packed full of action is like playing a movie but really great. >> it is in such hot demand that nintendo wants a piece of it for the wii. and nobody is rolling plain this on the original wii but the original wanted to be able to reach out to the hard-core gamers. so one of
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the big third-party it will be the wii platform.
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>> tonight at 8:30, this child pornography staying ends with four people behind bars. the ocean view district, excelsior and a market district. this was a joint effort by local state and federal authorities >> newly released a video of a man wanted in the walnut creek kidnapping. this 57 year-old was grabbed a wall outside of a workplace. she was taken to several atms and forced to withdraw money. they dropped her off later in the oakland hills. and it could take these cleaning up this neighborhood from a mass of mud slide. this is a video from abc seven. you can see cars submerged in the debris. with this water main
8:31 pm
break. tens of thousands of gallons of water rushing down this hillside. >> that is correct, pam. it is of some daly city and it is four city blocks in this neighborhood. ah this water tank is on top of this hill. it is where it eventually came from. the water main break came from this help and poured down this hill and these homes along bonnie street that were evacuated. and on to luasanne avenue. all of the cars that were parked and the mud extended down to price st. it has been covered with just a foot of mud or team coverage continues with chair stone.
8:32 pm
and j.r. has the latest. >> the working crews have finished but they are coming out again tomorrow the have made quite a bit of progress. the fact that you can see the pavement is good news but at one point they had about 23 in. in mud of lost out to my kneecap. and no longer is that is the good news but look be directly behind me. and you can see this sea of mud. let me show you some of this video. this has kept busy the city crews, with 45,000 gal. of water. and spilled down into this park area. it had the water into the park and st. many of these people live in this area and they thought that it was running
8:33 pm
but it was not the case. they saw her they thought it was-raining but they are blaming this on it the age of the pipe that was installed in 1934. there were going to work on at this next summer but it was not soon enough. you can see all of this mod and what is the next step? there will be back out here with hay and working crews to try to fix this and try this area out. if it does rain like it is forecast for later this week it will not wash back into the street. and reporting from the daly city, gerry r. stone, kron 4 news. >> among other things the crews have spent part of this morning getting cars out of the mud.
8:34 pm
>> stock in the mud that is what happened to multiple vehicles stuck... in the mud this daly city park you can see they used hand held shovels. there was no access to the mud underneath the vehicle so the workers had to give this a porsche to give it a complete given a- push and more pushing was needed you can see the front tires spinning. not enough traction to track the road. daly city parks supervisor assesses the situation. >> i think that these cars that we just pushed out were probably the most difficult that were on this road. and it looks like we are going
8:35 pm
to have to do some digging for quite a while. >> these vehicles were simply told away. in daly city, haazy thoughtid madyun >> also, dozi faxer has been found 20 guilty on 25 felony counts for attacking three women. >> this defendant will go to prison for life. this is someone that that does not belong on the streets. this is someone who does not belong in our community. frankly, he is an animal. he is facing life in prison when he is sentenced next month. >> three oakland police officer said helped deliver
8:36 pm
a baby boy are reunited with the child and a happy family. kron 4 was there to capture the moment. >> is a blessing. >> this is a surveillance video of a baby getting bored by a shell gas station. and we see three officers that are ready to go. >> we dropped back the seat and the baby came in and it >> the baby was this shell station.. i was already in a state of panic.
8:37 pm
>> it was a cold night. he was ready to get ready. >> the baby nolan was born across from nolan zoo and in the shell parking lot... >> it is breaking off with already 37 degrees. it will be clear and still 60s in san francisco and richmond. 54 in livermore. those clouds are starting to left and up to the north we did see that streaming through the north bay. and it looks like this system will continue for the overnight hours. with mostly clear skies overnight. and mostly temperatures will be chilly
8:38 pm
in the 40's for the entire bay area with some areas even the 30's. mostly sunny and warmer. temperatures in the upper 70's and '60's with the bay area. this could be the last day of our warming trend. the rainfall returns and when you are going to need your umbrella, coming up. >> coming up, this to your e-mail sent free to castro prelate to see just how fast the drivers are going on kingpark record on the next edition of people behaving badly. the castro- felling neighborhood.... castro valley...
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and before today's market of date. modest losses of this take a look at the numbers. the dow jones lost about just a few percent, nearly 59 points. the nasdaq dropped 20 points in the s&p shed nearly six points.
8:41 pm
>> to see of all o the cfo of zynga will l eave to facebook and alex smith will get a second opinion on his concussion ....
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>> the speed limit on five canyons parkway in castro valley is 40 m.p.h. this
8:44 pm
pickup truck was going 56 mph to not let the name parkway full view this is a treacherous stretch of roadway where crashes occur in wet or dry weather. >> make a right turn and at the light. >> are with the castro valley officer of the c h p. >> good afternoon, to you know how fast you were going?, i passed the 19 year-old driver and he said that he was acting retarded. his words, not mine. and this driver was also clocked on the rider at 56 mi. per hour in a 40 m.p.h. but when he stopped the driver had a different to fred for a collection. >> any idea how fast you were going? >> your going quite a bit faster. after this to your e-mail alert could be i thought it would be a good idea to see how fast they were driving. this driver
8:45 pm
was also going 54 mi. per hour in this black mercedes >> any idea how fast you were going? 30 it is section 40. and this was what he thought was a good explanation. >> i have been living here for 14 years and i know what's going on and i always call under 40 m.p.h.. >> what are we going under 50? >> where we going -- over 50? how fast we're going? and i cannot know. but as --this mini was also speaking. and why were you speaking? and i was chatting in topping attention. >> in castro valley, -- not ping attention. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. not paying attention. >> it was also 70's out in
8:46 pm
pleasanton. mostly sunny with temperatures in the '70s. and thursday, this breezes will take over and that will be more cloud coverage. the wind will be continuing on friday and for the weekend. first, let us talk about the temperatures. outdoor, the potential to chilly with widespread 40's. and i think that we're going to see 30's. and as we go towards noon widespread 60s. and even 70's by 3:00 p.m. just a slight touch indicated by the radar but there could probably be more. 40's for the inland valleys.
8:47 pm
livermore, pleasanton and for the north bay i think that there could be 30's in places like napa, san rafeal. however more it 60s in the self '70s in santa clara and sunnyvale. and in cupertino. for the inland valleys we will show you the extended forecast with 70's not only for the invalid but also in the south bay. widespread 70's and cooler expected with those cloud coverage is increasing the rainfall will return on friday. widespread showers and pretty much all two of the day. saturday, the rainfall will linger. all to out the day. and even heavy. >> announcer: it is now time
8:48 pm
for the jack in the box sports. >> now, bob melvin, the manager of the year of the oakland athletics. a 20 game improvement. he has won the division on the final day. he took the detroit tigers to five days. bob melvin, a two-time winner one in arizona, in 20 07. it was close. and many people thought that it was going to be baltimore. but it was bob melvin. right to the finish. they got it. for this bay area natives. now he is the manager of the year in the american league and blu bruce...bocy was not a winner but davey johnson and most of the major leagues is
8:49 pm
also like a melon with a two-time winner and how close was bruce approach you? not that much. ochi came in third. it was a runaway for davey johnson. the runaway and if you are playing the game buster posy around 3:00 p.m. they should be around national. with more baseball, the miami marlins are cleaning up they have signed this guy. for over 100 million and they have dumped him along with the pitcher and josh johnson. i do not know were toronto got all of this month with a combined salary from miami, to toronto, $170 million! they got rid of ozzie and now, the players miami is going to start over again and alex
8:50 pm
smith is holding out for monday night against chicago. he wants a second opinion regarding his concussion. he needs to be cleared from independent neurologist to return to action. again, calif. hoops is beyond us and the cheerleaders and it seems like everything seems to be early earlyhaas pavilion. five seconds left, in the first half and pepperdine turns ball over and justin cobs converts the left and peeks the first half buzzer putting cal up by 10. and mcintyre, just his third season, mike mcintyre has really turned round of program. with these spartan
8:51 pm
winning streak if they could beat byu many people were surprised but not by coach mcintyre who joins us, earlier. >> they are great team day of practice toward, work hard and they believe in themselves. and i wish there were 10-0. but we're 0-2 and we're looking forward to a great night on saturday, at espn. >> national television. >> has anybody been honest with you? and that you had big dreams and they were somewhat laughing at you but now, the nursing your correct? >> i will say that these kids have been amazing. and against navy in fresno they got the kids believing and now we're calling this living your dreams to not
8:52 pm
let us derail... and congratulations, coach. and when lawrence broad you appear i said that they're going to be 8-21-lords brought you and the number one anchor in the market pam morris said that he cannot turn around! >> pam moore.... >> >>pam: coach, that is not true! 101-" i never said anything. and what is nice is that he is genuinely a nice guy. and sometimes if there is a football coach... table be somewhat of a drill sergeant.
8:53 pm
>> and one not bring up the best in people? how about some negative news?
8:54 pm
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